eumeX Instrumentebau GmbH
Haidering 7
65321 Heidenrod

Amtsgericht Wiesbaden HRB 16281
USt-ID: DE152403738

updated 22-Aug-2011

Welcome to eumeX Instrumentebau GmbH

For more than 15 years now, eumeX is your professional service partner for EDS (EDX)- and XRF-Detectors of all manufacturers, e.g. Kevex, EDAX, Noran, Tracor, PGT, Oxford, LINK...

We are a manufacturer of complete EDS detector systems utilizing high-quality Si(Li) crystals from our in-house production. Our proprietary SphinX technology leads to very high sensitivity for light elements and superior resolution.

Besides that we are a repair facility for liquid nitrogen cooled Si(Li) detectors from all manufacturers and of all ages, and also offer a complete detector upgrade.

Now we have expanded our team and can offer you a broad spectrum of services and products all around energy-dispersive spectroscopy and x-ray fluorescence microanalysis. E.g. we offer the products from iXRF Systems to our German and European customers together with complete support.

X-Beam and fxSEM are the first commercially available x-ray sources for "Integrated X-Ray Fluorescence" (IXRF) inside the SEM chamber.

Iridium Ultra is our user-friendly EDS system with a large satisfied community of users in USA , Asia and Europe.